Best Position To Use Laptop On Bed

Best Position To Use Laptop On Bed | Know What You Don’t!

Often we face lagging and performance slowing down issues with our laptops when we keep using them while sitting on the bed. Mostly, it becomes hotter and sometimes even shuts down. You might be wandering why is this so? So, don’t worry if these problems has been disturbing you from quite a while. Because in this guide, I would share all the causes to lead these problems for your laptop. And a best position to use laptop on bed.

In that case, please stay consistent and connected because in this brief guide, you are going to get all the detailed information regarding the best positions to use laptop on bed.

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Why Your Laptop Starts Lagging While Used On Bed?

Not you or me, but many of us have a full complain saying that whenever our laptops are being used while placed in laps. Or over the bed, they start overheating, lagging in the performance and declining in its working ability.

But why Such thing is supposed to happen anyway? There are possible reasons behind it. Please take a closer look at each of them in the below section.

Vent’s Get Closed:

If you have any laptop from Acer, Dell, Hp Or other brands like these, they are probably coming with some opening vents.

Such vents are usually given on the bottom side of the laptop with a cooling fan inbuilt on the motherboard of the laptops.

This cooling fan ensures that whenever a laptop runs. Or you perform certain duties on it, it should clear all the heat through the system.

Thus, a fan works just great in dissipating all the heat from the laptop ensuring to give you the optimal performance you ever wanted.

However, what if that part of your laptop gets blocked that helps in clearing out all the hot air from the machine? Sure, this is where the problem occurs.

Mostly if you keep using your laptop on the bed while placing it inside your lap or over the pillow, it will start lagging.

Because your laptop fan doesn’t be able to work properly and removing the heat outside the vents.

Placing the laptop on the pillow or a bed clogged surface ultimately blocks those vents. Which means, the laptop after a while will start overheating and causing sudden breaks in doing your work effectively as well as efficiently.

This is the most common problem that occurs with laptops being used on the bed, over the pillow. Or while being placed in your lap.

Air Blockage:

As discussed earlier, usually your laptop gets affected more with the air blockage than anything else happening to it.

So, in all case, you must ensure that the door of the bedroom is open.

Or you have turned on the fan so that fresh air must keep entering the room.

This will keep the maximum flow of fresh air and your machine will keep working well.

Overheating Due To Intense Environment:

Your laptop will also start overheating no matter if you have placed it inside your lap, over the bed or on the pillow if you have placed it in an intense environment.

I mean to say, if there is too much hotness in the room and temperature is high, it will eventually affect the normal working and performance of your personal computer.

So, always confirm that you have turned on the Ac. And your laptop is getting maximum cooling to make certain things working in its favor.

All of this will let you learn how to use laptop on bed without overheating if you follow the things said as priority in the above given options.

But What Is The Best Position To Work On A Laptop On Bed?

Its been quite a fact and researched base scenario that using your laptop straight on the bed could cause your body with several health hazards.

It means, you might be putting pressure on the different parts of your body such as hips, neck, wrists. Or arms that totally depends on whichever position you are on your bed.

That’s because most of the times we don’t find any working desk. And table in our homes and start working from the bed.

It may look simpler and easier, but it is quite dangerous for your bones and muscles.

So, what should be the best position to use your laptop even if you want to use it on the bed in any case.

In this case, the best position to work on the bed can be seen from the below picture.

Best Position To Use Laptop On Bed
Best position to use laptop on bed

Here, all you need to do is to lie in the bed with a pillow or something that should be on the backside of your neck to support you.

Plus, it should also be back on the head side. Once done, now raise the knees at almost the same height as your head is.

Now, you can place your laptop here and start using it from here straightforwardly.

But in any case, I wont recommend you working from any position while lying on the bed. You must have a properly made computer or laptop desk with a computer chair so that you can work easily and more profoundly.

Using Any Landing Table:

These days, many companies have made some smart tables that can be used while being placed on the floor.

These tables or say smart coolers have inbuilt fans, a good space with hooks to keep your laptop integrated and other quality features.

You can buy a quality table from the amazon. (I will put a table here)

Having this type of table in the home will never let your laptop overheat during working. And it will keep you safe from many bones breaking problems.

Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I would recommend you having a proper setup inside your home for working and then using the bed for resting with your wife or alone(if you are like me). I hope you liked reading the information. Keep coming for more latest updates and take good care of yourself. Thanks for reading, and spending time. Have a nice and jolly day to you!

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