How Long Does It Take To Reset Hp Laptop Windows 10

How Long Does It Take To Reset Hp Laptop Windows 10? | Figured Out!

Sometimes, performing a hard reset on your laptop could be a little difficult job to do when you exactly don’t know how to do it and how long it takes. These things are simple to perform, but only when you learn them deeply and fully intend. Therefore, if your purpose in visiting this post is to know how long does it take to reset hp laptop windows 10, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will teach you to perform the reset on your hp laptop as well as some other laptops. I will provide you with all the relevant knowledge regarding timing and more.

So, please be seated and feel comfortable. Because if you do that, you will have your solution on how long does it take to reset hp laptop windows 10. Let’s get this conversation started!

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Can You Perform A Reset On Your Hp Laptop?

Yes, just like doing other things, you can also reset your hp laptop without facing any problems. The thing is, if you are a PC enthusiast, this would not be difficult for you at all.

However, if you are a newbie learning something like this for the first time in your life, believe me, it’s gonna be quick and hassle-free.

You have to keep pace with me till the end, and we will see how things go here. Please keep reading as there is nothing that can stop you from resetting your hp or any other laptop.

Why And When Should You Perform A Reset On Your Hp Laptop?

Ask yourself the same question about when and why it becomes necessary for you to perform a reset on your finest working machine.

Resetting may erase all your data and let you use your pc from the beginning. And things happen just like you want them to.

However, below are some prominent reasons you want to reset your laptop. Please give yourself a favor and take a look!

  1. When your pc gets slow and stops working in a normal way as the way it should, and it used to be.
  2. You need to reset your pc when things get messy, and you feel like there is a virus inside it that cannot be removed by using antivirus software.
  3. You will also want to reset your laptop when you want to erase everything and use it as the one you have just brought from the shop. Or you might want to erase this data so that you can give a clean machine to your friend or a family member.

These could be the possible reasons you would like to reset your laptop. However, I am not sure as there might be some others. Don’t forget that the laptop can easily be reset when you are up to this. Just follow the guidelines, and things will be in your favor.

How Do You Perform The Reset On Hp Laptop?

Finally, you are at the point where you can learn all about performing the reset on your hp laptop. Please follow the steps below if you want to reset your hp laptop.

Do You Have Windows 10?

Before you start, you must make sure that you are currently working on your Windows 10.

However, it doesn’t matter even if you are not using it. And have an operating system like Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 working inside your pc.

You can reset all these operating systems without any problems. Because, more or less, the procedure is going to be the same!

Precautions Before Resetting Your Hp Laptop:

Moreover, you need to make certain things if you want to reset your pc anyway. These things are given as follows.

  • Please, have a backup of the data and save it in some safe space. Don’t forget that your applications, accounts, and files will be deleted.
  • Make sure that you are resetting your pc due to a critical reason only. Otherwise, there is no need to do that.

Open The Search Bar:

Click on the Windows Search Bar button, and you will have a box to type. Type “Reset This Pc” on your hp laptop, and you will have the below screen appearing just in front of you!

How Long Does It Take To Reset Hp Laptop Windows 10

Get Started With Resetting Your Hp Laptop:

Once the above screen is visible just in front of you, you will need to click on the Reset This Pc icon, which will take you to the new window.

How Long Does It Take To Reset Hp Laptop Windows 10

At this point, you can click on the Get Started option as this will take you towards the whole process of resetting your pc.

Through this, you can perform the rest on your hp laptop. And see that it is simple, easier, and quicker to do.

Resetting Your Hp Laptop Using Hp Recovery Manager Application:

Another easiest way you can use for resetting, backing up. And recovering your data on your hp laptop is the usage of the Hp Recovery Manager application. This one works fine in performing what you desire on your hp laptop.

For this, all you will have to do is to download and install this application on your computer from Hp.

You will have all the options inside this application to perform things accordingly when you do that. Therefore, just have the application and make things easy to do.

How Long Does It Take To Reset Your HP Laptop On Windows 10?

As far as the time required or it takes to reset a hp laptop is concerned, you should be very precise about this. Because this thing totally depends on how much you are equipping inside your pc.

It will depend on different factors, such as the type of operating system working inside the laptop.

Or, it will depend on the SSD, HDD, RAM and other things installed related to the hardware inside your laptop.

Therefore, you will have to know the impact of every single unit in increasing or decreasing the time of your hp laptop resetting process.

Please take a look as I am gonna show you how long it really takes to do a thing like this.

Time Taken By Peripheral Devices While Resetting Your Hp Laptop:

When you have multiple peripheral devices connected with your hp laptop and perform a reset on that, it can take you longer than usual.

It is because these peripheral devices can slow down your laptop sometimes as the laptop recovery and resetting feature also consider their working inside it.

Therefore, to let your laptop perform decently and quickly while having a reset, you should be sure that there are no devices connected with it.

Otherwise, you would not feel good because your device will keep lagging!

Time Taken When You Perform Reset By Keeping Files And Data:

Resetting your or Hp laptop doesn’t always mean erasing all the data. Because you can perform a reset even while keeping certain things safe, the ones you really want to.

So, suppose you are on Windows 10 and have allowed your pc to reset and choose to keep the necessary files within. In that case, you will have to understand that it is gonna take a little more while than usual.

The thing is the more volume of data your pc will have, the more time it will take to reset the laptop from hp.

Time Taken When You Go For A Clean Sweep While Resetting Your Pc:

When you go for the second option, you ask your PC to perform a reset by cleaning everything on it. It may also affect the timing of resetting your pc.

When you select this type of restore on your pc, things start taking a little longer than usual when these go to windows 10 Factory Settings.

Time Taken Depending On What Type Of Memory Is Installed In Your PC:

SSD and HDD also affect the timing of data erasing and resting on your pc. That’s because there is a huge difference in the performance of both drives.

An HDD is a little slowest one which means your laptop will take a little longer to process files and erase them from the hp laptop.

On the other side, your SSD is the faster and newest type of drive that would take not much longer to delete the files on your hp laptop. Therefore, it totally depends on what type of drive your pc is running.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Does It Take To Reset A PC?

Usually, it takes 6 to 10 minutes to complete the resetting process on your hp laptop. However, if you get more data inside the laptop, this time can go a little longer than usual.  

How Long Does It Take To Reset A Dell Laptop?

Dell laptops are quite awesome for working and performing things on the go. However, it totally depends on the performance of your machine as to how it is efficient in performing things and doing stuff.

Therefore, if your laptop is taking longer than usual while having a reset, you should know that there is a lot of data inside that piece of technology.

How Long Does It Take To Reset On Windows 11?

On windows 11, you are running the latest operating system. So, it would be quite more with speed and power. Therefore, it will take less time to work or resetting your laptop over Windows 11.

Wrapping It Up:

Finally, I hope that if you have read this article thoroughly, you know completely about how long does it take to reset hp laptop windows 10. I hope that the article has helped you learn whatever you were supposed to learn. However, if you got more queries to ask, please use the comment box and let me know everything about that. I will be there to answer your queries and provide you with better solutions.

Overall, it has been a pleasure that you have spent your precious time reading this post. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Have a good day!

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