How Many Amps Does A Gaming Laptop Use

How Many Amps Does A Gaming Laptop Use? | Let’s Find Out!

Having a gaming laptop means a lot of battery consumption. And having a Gaming PC means a lot of electricity consumption. Most times, we get confuse to find out how many amps does a gaming laptop use. Because these days, electricity is much expensive, batteries are too. Therefore, it is not easy for a gamer to pay a high electricity bill or replacing the battery of a gaming laptop.

Please stay with me till the end and I’ll let help you in making an easy decision concerning the amperage current to find whether should you invest in a gaming laptop or not.

Why Do You Need To Find Amps Of A Gaming Laptop?

The basic reason to check the amperage value of your gaming pc or laptop is just because most people are more concerned about the electricity consumption at their house.

They wanna know how much will it cost them running a heavy duty gaming PC at their homes.

In that case, most gaming PCs draw a lot of amperage current because they have to deal with several applications and stuff to ensure that they can run everything properly.

Therefore, it is the concern of most people as they want to know how many amps would actually your laptop be consuming if it is built for gaming.

How Many Amps Does A Laptop Use?

The amps current keeps varying depending on what and which types of programs you are running on it. In short,

For most normal working laptops, the use up to 2 to 3 amps of current while working and performing activities. However, for gaming laptops, the average amperage current they use is up to 5 to 6 amps. The reason is, normal laptops don’t consume much electricity or battery as compared with gaming laptops.

That’s why, one should always concern about the total watts provided in his area. Because if you are provided with 240 watts and your laptop or gaming PC is running up to 700 watts, you are making things worse for your other home appliances.

In most cases, a giant gaming PC should not be a part of normal electricity connectivity at any cost.

What Factors In A Gaming Laptop Results In The Consumption of Amps?

When we consider any gaming laptop or gaming computer, there are basically three factors that result in the consumption of Amps.

  1. Different device or Peripheral devices connected with your machine
  2. The Softwares You run or the way you utilize your PC.
  3. Battery competency

Different Devices:

Different devices are taken as the first factor. Gaming laptop or computers vary in shape and size. Some devices draw more energy.

For example, a good GPU requires more energy. So your GPU runs a heavy software load, so it also uses more Amps.

The Way Your Laptop Is Used:

The utilization of devices are taken as the second factor. How much do you use your gaming laptop and how?

It all affect the Amps. I you only perform basic tasks with your gaming laptop’s devices, the amps are less used than when playing a game.

That’s because while running games, your PC keeps dealing with several things that insert an extensive load on it. Which ultimately results in consuming more power at a time.

Battery Competency:

The Battery competency is the third and last factor. Gaming laptop batteries are of high capacity. Similarly, if the battery capacity is increased, the Amps used are less.

However, if the competency or power of that gaming laptop’s battery is not very high, chances are that your laptop will be using more amps.                                

How Much Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Console Use?

The energy consumption of a gaming laptop depends on its features such as hardware, software and usage period.

A gaming laptop consumes three times more energy than a normal laptop. It consumes about 400 watts of energy at a time, and an operating high gaming laptop uses 5000KWh of energy. If your PSU is 500 watts, it doesn’t mean that it will consume 500 watts electricity. We can check our watts rating using this formula “amps=watts/volts”.

For example, if we say your gaming laptop is 600 watts and the power supply in your area is 100 volts. (600 watts/100 volts)= 6 amps this way to calculate your watts.

How Many Volts Does A Gaming PC Use?

A gaming PC built with some heavy duty hardware such as GPU, Cooling Fans, Extensive Vents, Lots of RAM and SSD power will defiantly consume more power than a laptop.

Because GPU is the main component of a gaming PC. And believe me, when somebody is using NVIDIA GTX or RTX latest model graphics cards, they should be concerned about the power their PC is going to use.

When a gaming PC is measured in Volts, it usually consume up to 500 to 600 watts of current. In volts, it will be around about 700 to 800 volts.

That would be maximum power your Gaming PC might be consuming if it is running on full speed and providing the best demanded productivity.

How Many Ways You Can Reduce Amps Of A Gaming Laptop?

In a gaming laptop, there are many features that you can use to reduce power. Now we will discuss all features that help us to reduce power.

Adjust Window Power Option:

Your window has many options for power consumption such as flight mode, sleep mode, high performance mode, and lower performance mode.

You can select one of these modes according to your choice.

How Many Amps Does A Gaming Laptop Use

Reduce The Brightness Of Your PC:

Gaming laptops have an option for brightness, if your brightness is high, you can’t control the power of consumption.

So you should adjust the brightness according to the natural light.

How Many Amps Does A Gaming Laptop Use

Close Unnecessary Programs:

You gaming laptop often has unnecessary programs running in the background. It continues to use power. So it is better to turn them off.

Turn Off Bluetooth:

Sometimes we connect the Bluetooth unnecessary while opening the game. Which uses power. Better to turn off Bluetooth.

How Many Amps Does A Gaming Laptop Use

Change Your Hardware:

Malfunctioning hardware can also cause power consumption. Replacing hardware early in a gaming laptop saves power.

Tweak Your Gaming Setup for Better Power Saving:

A gaming laptop consumes 200 to 300 watts of power while running a game. However, if you want to take a break while playing the game, it is better to go to power settings and turn on sleep mode to save power.

And if you are a good player, try to get up after finishing the game.

Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop Consumption:

Gaming laptop and desktop computers have different energy consumption. Also, gaming laptops use around 200 to 300 watts of power when playing games.

While desktop computers use 450 to 1000 watts of power per hour. Be it a desktop computer or a laptop, always use devices wisely. Power of consumption depends a lot on it.

The Bottom Line:

Lastly, it is usually a game of 5 to 6 amps current to give the needed power to your gaming pc. In normal laptops, it could be up to 2 to 4 amps and that’s fairly simple to answer. So, I hope that your query regarding how many amps does a gaming laptop use has been answered. If you have something more to ask or add, please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for being a part of this guide. Have a nice day!


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