How To Cool Down Laptop While Gaming

How To Cool Down Laptop While Gaming? | Top 10 Easy Fixes In 2022

It is a widely and highly known truth that gaming laptops are those beasts designed to perform some extreme duties. You can do a lot more than you think if you have a gaming laptop inside your home. Also, even if you don’t have a gaming laptop, you still wish to perform heavy-duty. However, such performance, speed, and efficiency can sometimes lag because when you are not paying attention. And when you are using your gaming laptop out of the box, you will see that it will start getting hot. In this case, if you are the same person who has been or is experiencing the same problem with your gaming laptop and looking for how to cool down laptop while gaming, you have come to the best place.

Today, inside this guide, I will provide you with enough handy solutions to solve your laptop getting hot problems while gaming for good.

So, let’s worth this time and spend it on something reasonable while solving how to cool down laptop while gaming.

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Why Your Laptop Is Getting Hot While Gaming?

It doesn’t matter if you have a gaming laptop or any other one. Because the delicate components of a laptop or even a pc starts getting hot when you perform random tasks on it.

These tasks include heavy-duty gaming, running rendering graphics, performing extreme development, or live streaming while playing games.

When you do any of these, the laptop will start consuming more power and eventually end up getting hot.

However, it is not always the performance or the intensity of work that makes a laptop get hot. There are certain things that also hold a helping or say disturbing hand when your laptop starts getting hot.

Some of the prominent situations that result in increasing the temperature of your laptop and making it heat up while gaming is given as follows. Please take a look.

  1. You might have placed your laptop or gaming laptop in a wrong or poor position while performing games or doing stuff on it.
  2. There could be dust and debris inside the vents of your laptop that might be causing the blockage of constant airflow through your system. Ultimately, your laptop will heat up.
  3. The hardware might not be competent with your intensity to perform some rendering tasks on the go.
  4. There could be faulty fans not working and providing the cooling your laptop deserves while performing high.
  5. Or there could be any hardware issues in which some of your laptop’s components might not be working properly if you have been using it for a pretty long time. It usually happens with older laptops.

No doubt, there could be several other reasons behind your laptop (gaming) laptop getting hot while performing games.

However, you shouldn’t worry because like every problem comes with a definite solution, this one also comes with countless ones. You will find out by yourself if you will keep reading!

Is It Okay For A (Gaming) Laptop To Overheat When You Are Gaming?

Yes, it is quite normal for those beasts and even normal working laptops to get hot when you are performing something extraordinary on them.

There is no doubt that if you have a laptop that gets hot when playing games, you can fix it is getting the hot issue.

But for that, you must understand that if the laptop goes above a certain temperature level, it could be dangerous.

Because this might cause you and your important asset an injury that will be worth nothing except chaos.

Therefore, you should keep this thing in your mind that a laptop getting hot is acceptable only to a certain level and in some specific situations.

Random and everyday heats up are also dangerous because they result in rusting the other components of your machine.

How To Cool Down Your Gaming Laptop While Gaming?

Have you been involved in the laptop problem getting hot while gaming and doesn’t know how to fix it?

Do not panic because, at this point, I will provide you with several handy and easy-to-apply solutions that will help you minimize the heat level of your laptop so that you can always perform higher.

These fixes or methods to cool down your laptop while gaming is widely recommended and suggested by many tech experts.

Therefore, I can hope that if you apply any of these or most of these, you will never face the problem of the laptop heating up again. Never and ever!

In this case, please take a look at what things you can try to cool down your laptop while gaming or even when it is getting hot, but you are not playing any games. These are given as follows.

Method 1: Change The Placement Of Your (Gaming) Laptop While Gaming:

You should know that the laptop you have purchased by spending huge money is not a toy you can put and use anywhere and at any time.

It is something your parents or your life might never give you again because, believe me, laptops designed for gaming are too expensive these days. Therefore, if you are experiencing heat with your laptop while playing the game, you might have placed it on a surface where its vents have been clogged.

It means, there is no air flowing through your laptop specs that is causing your laptop to heat up.

To fix this, you need to place your laptop over a flat surface. Or a surface at which you will be clear your mind that it will keep getting enough air to keep itself cool.

The thing is, you will find some additional rubber pads on all four sides of your laptop bottom.

And when you place it on a flat or hard surface, these rubber pads keep your laptop elevated from the ground.

In this way, your laptop can get the air or maximum cooling that it should get while performing all those rendering and extensive tasks.

Still, trying this doesn’t fix the problem of getting hot. Move to the next step.

Method 2: Keep Your Laptop At a Cool Temperature:

If your laptop is getting hot and everything is fine with it. But the room or the place at which you placed your laptop is too hot. And doesn’t have a temperature below room temperature, you will experience that the laptop will get hot when performing heavy-duty and even when not.

It could be a room with no AC and too much hotness or the placement of your laptop under direct sunlight. Well, who does that and enjoys playing games in a hot environment. Of course, nobody.

You should always have your laptop you play games on at an ambient temperature. And inside a cool environment to fix this.

It will keep your laptop cool from getting hot, at least from the extreme temperature.

So, try this and see if it fixes your problem. Because it is too important to know how to cool down your laptop while gaming.

Method 3: What About Buying A Cooling Pad?

What if your laptop cools down when it can have a bit of extra cooling? No, not like that. You won’t get a bit. But you will get a full blast of colder cooling effects when you have a cooling pad working beneath your system.

A laptop cooling pad is basically a device you can use to place beneath your laptop. It will start providing your laptop with the cooling it needs to work smoothly and calmly.

However, buying a cooling pad will cost you some bucks. But you can always have it if you always find your laptop struggling with the heat while performing games.

Just plug in the power cord and press the start button to use it. Plus, place your laptop over it, and the cooling pad will start providing the cooling your laptop needs to perform flawlessly.

Method 4: Keep The Fans And Vents Regularly Clean:

Over a long usage of your laptop, the dust starts entering and clogging inside the vents of your laptop body.

It causes the blockage of air, and it is something you will never like. It is a serious problem because this causes your laptop fans not to work properly.

Therefore, you must have to be sure that you keep these vents clean after every 3 to 6 months with proper cleaning and dusting.

It will keep your laptop clean and remove all the debris from getting inside your laptop.

To clean these vents and provide the fans their previous working mode, you need to buy a “Gas Duster” or a can of compressed air. If you have it, you can clean your laptop vents easily.

Method 5: Give A Checkup To Find If The Fans Are Not Faulty:

Sometimes after working and performing more than a reasonable time for you, your laptop starts losing its power. It simply means that any of your machine’s hardware components goes down and starts showing different performance results and speed.

In this regard, when you see your laptop getting hot. And there is no problem except you cannot see one of its fans working. Or making a little more noise than before, you are allowed to have a clean check-up on these fans.

Mostly, a laptop you use for gaming comes with multiple fans. All these perform in the laptop’s best regard so that you can always get the maximum cooling while performing heavy duty.

However, these fans may not work fine all the time if you have been using, working, or playing games on your laptop for a very long time. It is something much more serious. Because you will find your laptop in two situations.

Either one fan out of all of them stops working. And you get to know when you check it by opening the case of your laptop.

Or a fan is not working properly because there might be a stuck due to dust or anything solid rolling inside the fan’s rotating cycles.

If you see any of these problems, you need to fix them or get your laptop repaired by a technician before it gets too late.

Method 6: Keep Proper Check And Balance On The Programs Running Behind And Stop Running Multiple Heavy Programs:

Playing heavy-duty gams is another thing, while your laptop may already be dealing with some wonderful stuff that has been working behind the screen.

Even without your knowledge, there might be certain software and programs that will make your laptop a little hot than before. Because it is just like in mobile. Several apps keep running and getting updated from time to time.

Moreover, your laptop also starts overheating or gets hot when you run extreme-duty programs while already playing a heavy-duty game.

For this, a browser like Firefox, Chrome, and software like Adobe or Coral Draw might be running behind the screen on which you are playing your game. You shouldn’t do that.

Hence, in this regard, you need to close all those pre-loaded. And working programs on your laptop before you start thinking and going for games.

Moreover, check the continuous working programs and shut them off using the Windows Task Manager. Because these will keep hogging your laptop and stop you from having a smooth and fluent gaming experience.

Method 7: Play The Games On Lower Graphics Setting:

To understand how to cool down a laptop while gaming, you must keep this thing in your mind to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. You are required to make some changes.

For this, always consider running your epic games on lower graphics settings so that your laptop can perform just according to your desires. And provide you the results you want to have over its beautiful screen.

You can minimize the graphics setting of a particular game by just entering into its setting. And making changes on the graphics control panel.

Method 8: Go Towards Renewing Your Thermal Paste Of Your Laptop:

If you can easily reach your laptop CPU, you can replace the thermal paste that is now looking bad on your laptop. The thing is, when the system gets older, the thermal paste may get drier or even lose its effectiveness.

If you can have easy access to the CPU of your laptop, you can pick out the CPU Cooler. And paste a new thermal paste or replace it with a better one.

It will result in reducing the temperature of your laptop by a few degrees. However, you need to have a little more technical skill.

On the other hand, when you consider replacing the thermal paste with the GPU, you should know that doing something like this with GPU will be more complicated than using a CPU.

Method 9: Have You Thought About Upgrading Hardware?

When things are not happening in your favor, and you are only getting certain lags, hugging, random heat-ups, and not-so-demand performance issues, your laptop hardware is too old to perform those new duties.

It means the RAM, SSD, GPU, and other components of your laptop don’t have the power or support to run new, heavy-duty, and highly upgraded games.

Therefore, you need to understand that as the world changes, everything needs an upgrade. And your laptop always comes first if you want to achieve maximum performance on it.

So, it is important to note that you should always keep your laptop hardware up to date. Make sure if your older one has the capacity to adjust a new GPU and RAM etc. Then go for it.

However, if it doesn’t, you are most welcome to spend some money and get a new gaming laptop that best suits your current needs and desires to perform out of the box.

Method 10: Try Undervolting Your Laptop To Reduce Its Temperature:

The last thing you can do to find out how to cool down your laptop while gaming is to do the undervolting of your laptop CPU and GPU.

Yes, you can do it to make your laptop run on low voltages. It will result in your laptop consuming less power but still working at the same speed without experiencing any heat.

However, this option is only recommended if your laptop doesn’t cool down or normally works while playing games, even if you have tried everything above.

Always go for undervolting your laptop processor and reduce the temperature by using the Laptop’s BIOS as well as A Software Called Intel Xtreme Utility.

To perform undervolting using XTU, you can refer here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Normal Temperature For A Laptop?

Suppose you have a gaming laptop to work on. In that case, the minimum temperature will be 45 degrees Celsius if you perform normal tasks on it.

And when you are performing extensive duties, it could go to 60 to 75 degrees Celsius. However, everything above this will make your laptop suffer.

Can You Cool Down A Gaming Laptop Without A Cooling Pad?

Yes, you can do so, as there are multiple ways to do that. You can place it in a cold environment or keep its fan clean.

Besides that, you can also change the laptop hardware and alter how you place your laptop while gaming.

Should My Laptop Get Hot While Gaming?

It shouldn’t always happen whenever you perform random games. But still, it is something you will experience otherwise with your brand new or older gaming laptop.

It is just the intensity of workloads that let your laptop experience stuff like that.

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Wrapping It Up:

So, you have seen that there are multiple ways to learn how to cool down laptop while gaming, and you can try any of these or even all of these to decrease the temperature of your laptop. I hope that these will help you in achieving what you really wanna achieve while playing games.

However, if your laptop still has heating issues, do not waste a second and consider taking it to a laptop or computer repairing shop. Examine your laptop thoroughly to find out what is actually causing this issue. And if you find out, get it fixed at the exact moment.

With this, I hope the article was worth reading, and you liked it. Well, thanks for reading, spending time and reaching this end. Have a nice day!

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