How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?

How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop? | 8 Different Methods!

Usually when a laptop like Hp Stream or any other starts showing some lagging issues or starts getting hotter more than normal, there is likely a chance for a problem. Whenever your laptop’s space is filled with data, cache files, junk and other, it results in slowing down its performance. Now, suppose if you are looking for how to free up space on hp stream laptop. In that case, what could be the ultimate motive behind this except getting some more space inside PC to make it perform better. Or maybe to create space to store some other essential data.

So, it doesn’t matter whatever motive you have got. But if you have made yourself reaching this post, you will be guided properly. So, let’s end talking and start find the right solution for freeing up the space on hp stream laptop or any other laptop with more memory in GBs.

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Why Do You Need To Free Up Space From Your Hp Stream Laptop?

The possible reasons for freeing up space I have already told you above. But in addition to these, there could be some particular reasons for doing so. These reasons are given as follows.

  • With too little storage, you might miss the important windows updates.
  • You will not be able to download more files and apps.
  • There will be low space errors or warning messages keep appearing on your computer window.
  • Your laptop performance will likely to decrease if you don’t pay the required attention.

So, How To Free Up Disk Space On Laptop Like HP Stream?

There are some easiest and most common ways you can apply to learn how to get more storage on an hp stream laptop.

I would discuss some of the most prominent and the easiest ones here. Please have a look at the things you can do to clear up the space on an HP stream laptop.

Method 1: Clean Up Your Recycle bin:

Usually, you have deleted some files or software from your laptop storage or hard disk. But these don’t get deleted in the first place.

Your HP stream laptop or the other one simply stores them inside the Recycle bin that takes a good portion of your laptop memory.

For this, clear up the Recycle bin and remove all the unwanted files from there in order to get more space on the hp stream laptop.

Click on Empty Recycle bin Option and you are good to go!

How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?
How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?

Method 2: Use Disk Clean Up To Get More Space On Hp Stream Laptop:

In this second method, we try to take a deeper look on all those unnecessary and unwanted files by using Disk Cleanup. To clear up space, follow the steps below.

Search for Disk Cleanup Option In Windows Search Bar. You will have it on your desktop windows. Click on it and Run it.

How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?
How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?

A Small pop-up window will appear that will ask you to select the disk you want to free space from. You can apply this method for all the partitions you have created on your laptop one by one and keep clearing the space.

Suppose at first we select the C Partition in which we mostly like to keep our Windows Data.

Click Ok and Go to the next window. It will be just like this.

How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?
How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?

Give A tick for Program Files, Temporary Internet Files and Thumbnails. Once clicked, Click Ok and these unnecessary files will be removed from your hp stream laptop.

In this way, you will be able to make some space on your C drive. You can also do this for the rest drives on your laptop if you have any!

Method 3: Manually Delete The Unwanted Files, Videos Or Software:

You can also examine your drives and take a narrow look at all the programs that have been left unused. Either if it is a movie you have watched and have no motives to watch again.

Or if it is a game that you have played many times and now it looks boring. Delete these kind of stuff one by one by finding these

  • On your control panel for Softwares
  • And inside the files for documents or audio video options

Method 4: Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop Through Storage Settings:

In this method, you can simply use the Windows Storage Setting feature to remove the unwanted and expired data to get some reasonable space on the drive. To do that, you can perform the following steps in order.

At first, you need to search for Storage Setting in the Windows Search Bar. Once found, click on it and open it.

Your PC will take a few minutes and will give you the detailed information for all types of files and the amount of space they are covering on it.

Between these files, you will find an option of Temporary Files as shown below.

How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?
How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?

Click on the option of Temporary Files and go to the next Screen.

How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop
How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?

Here you can Check the boxes of files you want to delete permanently. But be sure not to delete your data in any case.

Doing this will likely help you some more space on the Desktop as you can see there is 1.2GB temporary files data that I can delete on my Hp Stream laptop and make things better for me.

However, I have a good storage on my desktop. Which means I don’t need to do it for now.

Method 5: Using Hp Performance Tune-Up Check:

Here, you can use the Hp Performance Tune-Up Facility provided by Hp to its laptop to check out all those files that needed to be deleted.

Besides it will provide you enough details about the storage conditions on your laptop. Try this tool must as it is helpful in helping you get more space on your hp stream laptop.

Method 6: Run Treesize To Remove Files From Your Stream Laptop:

You can also use an external software like Treesize to erase most unneeded files on your stream laptop.

This software will map out your drive and find out what things are eating more space on it. This will provide complete information on these files and let you know whether you can delete them or not.

To have this software running on your HP stream laptop, click the Link and download it from here.

Method 7: What About Erasing Everything?

Well, only in rare cases you would like to erase all the data from your computer. That’s like true because you may want to delete each and everything because there is nothing worth keeping.

Or you might have saved that data somewhere else and there is nothing needed anymore. So, you can perform this overall format and make things easier for you to work on your Hp stream laptop.

Method 8: Try Some Windows Shortcut Keys:

In case your laptop is experiencing lags or having issues with its optimal performance, you can also boost this performance by deleting some files using some shortcut keys.

Let me share those with you one by one.

First Key:

First of all, you need to click Windows Button + R together. A small box will appear.

For the first key, type “%temp%” remove the double commas. You will have a window like this.

How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop
How To Free Up Space On Hp Stream Laptop?

Once clicked on Enter Button, you can see a bunch of files having the folder name with temp. You need to select all of them and let them delete as many as they can.

Whatever files left behind, no problem on these, close the window and move to the next key.

Second Key:

Now, repeat the same procedure but where you typed percentage temp, type “temp” there and select all the files. Once selected, delete as many as these could be deleted and come back to the desktop window again.

Third Key:

For third key, you need to type “Prefetch” into the box appearing after pressing Windows + R button. The rest process is same and it will help you in boosting the performance of your machine at a great deal.

Take help from these keys to delete files from your laptop once in a week. By reminding you, I am going to clean my own files as there is a bulk of them.

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Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, I hope that these 8 methods on how to free up space on hp stream laptop would be quite helpful in freeing up the needed space on your own laptop. However, if any of this doesn’t help, it means you have everything important on your laptop but you still want more space. You can have this solution by getting an external Portable Hard drive, any Flash drive such as USB to make things easier for you. In case of queries, you can find your way towards me.

But all I would say is a big thanks as you have spent time and effort reading this post. Keep visiting and keep spreading love. Have a nice day!

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