HP Laptop Startup Problem

HP Laptop Startup Problem | How Do I Fix It In 2022?

HP laptop startup problem is a very usual situation, and it is very frustrating and aggravating as well. But there is no need to worry and get frustrated because we have the best solution for you. Let’s discuss why there is an issue with the HP laptop startup. 

Bootloop Issue:

What should you do if you’re stuck in a boot loop? If your computer continues restarting itself after the initial splash screen after the HP logo, if it’s stuck diagnosing PC, if it gets stuck loading, or if you receive a blue screen error, this is the boot loop issue we’ll detail but deal with.

We’re going to discuss what happens after the logo screen. You press the logo, and it moves on, but you can’t access your desktop.

Causes of Bootloops or HP Laptop Startup Issue:

Malware viruses, bad shutdowns, and power interruptions are the most common causes of boot loops. Hard drive failure prevents updating. That’s why many directions only provide one solution.

Our goal is to help you get started, so we’ll offer you the most common responses we identified, not all of them.

Diagnose Your HP Laptop For Fixing Hp Startup Problem:

So, we’ll start by diagnosing your HP laptop. We’ll utilize HP’s built-in diagnostic software, so power up and start hitting escape straight immediately.

So, this is your startup menu, and F2 will take us to System Diagnostics. Yours may be unique, but a system diagnostic will reveal a few options—first, a memory test. If you don’t have a hard drive, hit enter. With no hard drive, a cursory check will suffice.

Look on the next screen; I’ll test your hard drive for failure and the boot loop. There are two ways to find out if your hard drive is failing or not: it can’t read a hard disc and has to be replaced.

You may reseed it by going inside your computer, unplugging it, then plugging it back in again, ensuring it’s safe.

Hard Drive Test in an HP Laptop:

Try a hard drive test and then restart your test. If it’s still saying it can’t read it, it means it’s so bad that it just can’t read it, so you would still need to replace it. If it says your hard drive is ok and passes the test, it’s not your hard drive that causes the issue.

We’ll show you what’s next, so get out of here. Okay, so we’re going to shut down the computer, and if your hard disc checks out, we’ll move on to the next step.

Next Fix: BIOS Settings:

Start your computer and press f10 to enter our BIOS system (f10 for BIOS on an HP). Now that you’re in your system, please look at some options. 

Fix Date and Time Settings Factory Reset Fir Fixing Hp Startup problem:

The first thing you have to check is your date and time settings. Make sure your dates are correct; make sure your time is correct.

Sometimes after a sudden power loss or other issues, the date and time could be wrong, which doesn’t sound severe.

But it can screw up a lot of stuff with the working computer, so make sure your date/time is correct if it’s not correct and you fix it save and exit and try booting up again. 

Check Boot Sequence:

If your date and time are correct, check out your boot sequence, BIOS here scroll with your arrow keys over to system config and now going to scroll down to Boot Options and hit enter, so this is where you want to make sure that our boot options or boot order are correct.

Change Boot Order:

The first thing you can check here is if you scroll down and see the legacy support UEFI boot order. 

Enable UEFI Legacy Support:

Sometimes UEFI is referred to as CSM, so if you don’t see UEFI, you could see it as CSM, but the first thing you have to check in here is trying switching back and forth.

If UEFI legacy support is disabled, try switching back and forth and enable legacy support; go down it and enable it to switch over to the other one, and then try restarting.

Sometimes it’s complicated; there are a lot of reasons why but sometimes these get messed up, and you need to be on one when you’re on the other, so whichever one you are on, switch to the other try restarting the PC if it doesn’t work then switch it back over to what it was before. 

So after you restart your system, if it doesn’t work, you can switch it back, but sometimes, when you’re switching from UEFI to legacy, you may need to put secure boot off.

If secure boot is enabled right now, sometimes, you need to change secure boot to disabled when you’re switching from UEFI to the legacy; it’s not very common, but it does happen after these things. 

Factory Reset For Fixing HP Laptop Startup Problem:

If these things still don’t work, your computer is still in this sort of boot loop, and your system is still corrupt to the point where it’s not turning on, try a factory reset.

How to Factory reset Your HP Laptop:

Here I am attaching a video, and you can check it for factory resetting in your HP laptop.

If your operating system is not screwed up, that should work; if it is very corrupt, you probably have to reinstall it. 

Bottom Line:

So hopefully, we’ve taken you through a couple of solutions; if those fail, we showed you how to fix it Factory Reset hp laptop startup problem anyway with a reset or a fresh install.

Hopefully, we get you through if you have any questions if you got lost anywhere, if you need help or if you’re not sure you’re on the right on the article comment below.  

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