What Causes The Laptop Battery To Swell

What Causes The Laptop Battery To Swell?

We rely daily on technology in this modern era, and to power this technology, we use batteries from smartphones to laptops. They are primarily lithium-ion batteries. But sometimes many of you may face battery swelling issue. In this write up we will discuss about what causes the laptop battery to swell?.

These batteries have incredible powers as they can store more significant amounts of energy, and we use them all day, but of course, they also have limitations.

Under certain circumstances, they can swell and can be dangerous as well. Several reasons cause laptop batteries to swell, and there is a solution to this problem. In this article, we will find out every possible cause of battery swelling, how to detect a swollen battery, its prevention, and how to deal with it.

What Causes The Laptop Battery To Swell:

Several factors can cause swollen battery.

1. Less Room For The Current Flow:

We live in this modern era, and with time, laptops and mobile phones are getting smarter or slimmer day by day, and as a result, their batteries are also smaller, and thus they have less space for current flow.

2. Overcharging:

Most people do not take care of their devices and overcharge them, which causes excessive building up of current inside the battery. As a result overheating occurs because the current produces heat and gas. Gas cannot escape due to the covering of the battery. Gas building up in the battery with the passage of time and overheating causes batteries to swell.

3. Charging With A Wrong Charger:

Most people do not care about the charger by which they charge their laptops. They do not charge their laptops with the original charger that comes up with the computer. They use the wrong or cheap charger, which cannot even have the capacity to charge the laptop. This wrong charger usage leads to battery swelling.

4. No Proper Ventilation:

It can be fantastic to lay on your bed or couch with your laptop. Still, it can overheat your computer and cause a bulging battery because the bed or sofa does not provide proper space for ventilation, and heat remains inside and cause overheating.

5. Manufacturer’s Defect:

Battery swelling can be a manufacturer’s defect. If there is any manufacturer defect charging process creates a small amount of gas which builds up over time and eventually leads to battery swelling.

6. High Temperature:

High outside temperature causes batteries to swell. Significantly during summer, when the outside temperature is so high, it can affect your laptop battery.

7. Physical Damage:

Any physical damage to your device can cause the bulging up of the battery.

8. Overuse Of Device:

And yes, device overuse can be the leading cause of battery swelling. Over-usage causes overheating, and people do not even bother to cool the machine after usage; thus, the battery swells with time.

9. Natural Aging Process:

The natural aging process can contribute to battery swelling as, over time efficiency of the battery decreases, and it swells due to extensive usage.

10. Damage To the membranes of the battery:

Swelling can also be caused by damage to the membranes that separate the internal layers of the battery.

How To Know If The Battery Is Swollen: 

You can quickly know that your battery is swelling by your device shape as it will change slowly.

It will not lie flat on the surface with swollen battery. There will appear a bulge is showing the sign of battery swelling. If your device can be easily opened, check it out by yourself. Its smell can also identify it.

Can A Laptop Battery Swell Dangerous?

A swollen battery can be hazardous as it will lead to a fire. Removing a swollen battery can be dangerous, but running a laptop on a swollen one is more challenging.

Can A Swollen Battery Explode:

Yes, a swollen battery can explode and catch fire, so it is very dangerous to deal with a swollen battery. As a swollen battery results from destructive chemical reactions in the battery, it can lead to hazardous consequences.

How To Prevent A Swollen Battery:

You must replace your battery from time to time because they are consumable. These are the best practices to keep the battery healthy. Follow these steps and take care of your device to keep it running for a long time.

Batteries remain healthy when we protect them from overheating and over usage because these are the main factors of swelling.

 Control charging and discharging and use moderate temperature to protect the battery from swelling. 

You should not leave your device charging all day.

Keep your device in a cool and dry place. Please do not leave it at a high temperature.

Protect your battery from shock and any physical damage. 

Do not use low-quality charges, adaptors, or data cables, as they destroy your battery. Always use the correct charger which came up with your device.

Please do not leave your battery empty for a long time or not leave it at 100% because it can limit the life of your battery.

Replace the battery when you see any issues.

How To Fix A Swollen Battery:

Please remember that a swollen battery cannot be fixed or healed. The only solution is to replace it, or it can be dangerous.

How To Deal With A Swollen Battery:

Once you discover the swollen battery, do not use your device and do not charge it because it can be hazardous. 

A swollen battery must be immediately removed, but its removal can be dangerous, so do not remove it yourself; instead, go and call a certified expert to remove it.

If your device has a user-replaceable battery, you can do it by yourself with caution. But if it does not have do not do it by yourself.

Place your device in a cool place, and do not expose it to high temperatures.

Do not apply pressure on the battery, and do not bend it.

Be safe, do not try to puncture it, and do not leave it in your car.

If you have successfully removed the swollen battery, do not throw it in the trash can; instead, always dispose of batteries.

Above all, do not delay battery removal.


Your carelessness can cause the battery to swell and be dangerous, so be careful while dealing with swollen batteries. Use your devices carefully and be gentle with them.

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