Why Is Windows 10 So Expensive

Why Is Windows 10 So Expensive? | Find The Possible Reasons!

Hi readers, welcome if a frustrating question about why is windows 10 so expensive has brought you here. In this guide, I will answer your query with more details and information by letting you know is it really expensive or not. So, don’t go anywhere and keep reading till the end. Let’s get started with why is windows 11 or 10 so expensive?

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Is Windows 10 Really Expensive?

No, not at all! Because whenever you a computer or laptop operated with Windows Operating system, it comes pre-installed and totally free.

Such a version of windows usually is the one that has all paid or premium features already inbuilt in that.

However, mostly when you need to upgrade to windows 10 or buy it separately when the previous one is gone, you have to spend 120 to 140 Bucks’

But that is likely a small payment for the lifetime that you get with premium features. However, some people still keep asking why windows 10 is so expensive because even this money looks huge to them. So, they are not satisfied with the price and complain often.

Why Is Windows 10 That Expensive Costing You 120 To 140 Dollars On Every Original Copy Installation?

If you agree with me, I would say that it is still not expensive. The thing is, Microsoft has got 400 billion users all over the world only for using its windows. Therefore, they get their main income by selling software.

Despite the fact that even though Microsoft has launched some surface books or other laptops for its customers, but the main earnings for Microsoft still comes from software like windows 8, 10 or a new version which is 11.

It is also true to believe that most people never pay for windows directly by themselves. Rather, they get it as a part of computer which is known as OEM licensing. Such license is bought from an enterprise licensing that keeps selling various versions to the commercial enterprises.

However, they mostly give their consumers a part of windows for free because their main income comes from commercial companies.

When Comparing With Apple:

When you compare the price of your Windows 10 OS, it gives you a full pack of the operating system that doesn’t charge more for upgrades.

On the other hand, when you compare windows with Apple, it is a hardware company that makes most of its sales from selling hardware. Not from the OS or Applications.

When Comparing With Linux OS:

Moreover, when you compare the price of your windows 10 with Linux, the former part is better because it doesn’t charge any money to its users.

It comes free of cost. However, people get paid for working on it such as those working for Microsoft and IBM developers.

Can You Get Windows 10 For Free?

Yes, there are many websites out there that are providing you with the original version of windows by cracking it and making all the premium features readily available.

Websites like Get Into PC  have millions of cracked software including windows with different versions and upgrades.

Such OS or software work just fine on your laptop or computer without giving it any harm at all.

So, one can get windows 10 free with all the premium features from a website like this.

Why is windows 10 so expensive

How Much Windows 10 Costs Usually?

It comes with the different price tags. It means if you buy Windows 10 home, you will have to pay around about 120 to 140 USDs.

However, if you buy Windows 10 Pro, you will be paying almost $200 to make that window copy run on your desktop. So, it all depends on which type of facilities you want to run on your machine.

Why Is Windows 11 So Expensive?

Windows 11 is the newly released version of Microsoft Windows that has more advanced features and excellently built layout.

In this upgrade, Microsoft tried to copy Apple, a little bit by adding the same Windows menu and some other features.

However, since it is a latest update from Microsoft which is rolling . And becoming the part of most newly or high end desktops, it is likely to be expensive at this scale.

Because as you know that Microsoft makes its profit from its software. Therefore, when a new software is released with more and better features, its price is relatively high.

Thus, one must understand that if they are paying such price for windows 11, they are getting the most recent and longer working version of windows.

Why Is Microsoft Windows 10 License Keys So Expensive?

They are not that expensive if you compare them with others Such As Mac. A Window license key gives you lifetime support to run a version of Windows 10 that would never go de-activated.

What do you suppose when you have to buy an original thing or a copy with most things missing?

Obviously, when you don’t activate your windows with its license key, it works without giving you the guarantee that there is no time when the windows goes away.

Moreover, there is no surety to the protection of the data you have and you are only limited to some certain features.

So, to run windows at its maximum speed and level of accuracy, windows 10 license key is not expensive at all.

How Can I Get Windows 10 For Cheap?

You can have your Windows 10 cheap or even free when you just install the Windows Copy while using A USB flash drive from Microsoft.com.

And you don’t activate that copy of window. At that time, your window will run without license and free of cost.

Why Is Buying Genuine Windows 10 Home Directly From Microsoft More Expensive?

Of course when you are supposed to buy an original window 10 from the main franchise of Microsoft, you are going to get charged.

However, I don’t know whether that price looks expensive to you or not. But with such a large volume of employees all over the world and such a big entity, I think they deserve to charge at least this. Because nothing comes for free in this world except air!

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Wrapping Up:

If you have made up to this end of the article and read it fully, you have got the answer to your question regarding why is windows 10 so expensive. Moreover, I tried to cover a little more information in this guide. But if you still have queries to ask, you can use the comment box and let me know. Thanks for spending time and reading. Take Good Care of yourself and have a nice day!

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