How To Remove Scratches From Laptop Touchpad

How To Remove Scratches From Laptop Touchpad | 2 Easy Fixes

Over the long run when you have to do a massive workload on your laptop on a daily basis, its touchpad might start losing its quality. It might be showing some scratches now which feels totally absurd and even disturbing the normal working of your touchpad. Therefore, let’s help you with learning how to remove scratches from laptop touchpad if you have made up to this post.

Please keep reading till the end and you will know all the causes as well as their solutions. So, let’s get started!

Can You Remove Scratches From Your Laptop Touchpad?

Just like doing other things in life, if your laptop’s touchpad is not that shiny, blinky, and showy anymore, it might have scratches.

These scratches look not normal and decrease the shining as well as the movement of your touchpad. So, these must be fully removed.

But can you do that? Of course, if you know all the easy ways and methods to make that touchpad look like a new one, you can actually do that.

However, you can remove scratches on a laptop if your touchpad is not broken. If so, there is no solution other than replacing the touchpad.

Replacing the touchpad is quite expensive which may cost you up to 300 bucks.

How Do You Really Remove The Scratches From Your Laptop Touchpad?

Indeed, there are a couple of ways that may help you in achieving something like this. But you have to be sure that whatever you are doing, you are doing it in a proper way. In short,

To remove scratches from your laptop touchpad, you can use some rubbing alcohol. You can also remove scratches by using toothpaste or petroleum jelly. But if the scratches are hard to remove, consider using a scratch remover which is basically the best product to finish this job.

Therefore, there are multiple ways to accomplish this job. But one cannot learn these in two or three lines.

Please keep reading the article and I’ll explain all of these methods to you in more detail.

How Many Types Of Scratches Do You Find On Your Laptop’s Touchpad?

Before you consider removing these scratches, you have to understand the complexity of these scratches.

Take a pen and pencil and note down the difference between the total of three types of scratches that may occur on your laptop touchpad. These are as follows:

Light Scratches:

These light scratches can appear due to continuous and prolonged use of the laptop’s touchpad. Although the light scratches are not so harmful to the touchpad.

But they do have an aesthetic effect on your laptop’s appearance. You can fix these light touchpad scratches with home some remedies.

Dark Or Deep Scratches:

For laptop users, deep or dark scratches are actually a bigger problem. Because these get enriched in the body of the laptop.

And when this happens, your laptop’s touchpad not only loses its shine, but it might also stop working sometimes.

So, these are the scratches basically of which you have to take care of especially.

These dark scratches can have many causes.

For example, these might occur on your touchpad because of fingernail marks, dropped laptops, bumps on hard objects, pet scratches, and more.

Please have a look at all of this one by one.

Fingernail Marks:

Often times your long nails cause dark scratches. It could happen accidentally and even without your knowing sometimes.

So, always avoid using your laptop touchpad or be careful while using it when you have bigger nails.

How To Remove Scratches From Laptop Touchpad

Dropped Laptop:

Sometimes, the situation of these scratches on your laptop’s touchpad might be even worse. Because you might have dropped your laptop somewhere.

In that case, if it has broken or received some scratches on any of its body parts, it means these are quite disturbing.

Bumps On Hard Object:

What if your laptop accidentally hits a wall or any other hard object? That could be a troublesome situation if your laptop gets hit just like that.

The dark scratches on the touchpad or anywhere else on your machine can also happen when this happens.

Such types of scratches are sometimes hard to remove no matter what you do!

Pet Scratches:

Pets are very cute if they are kept in the house, but when they spend the same love while working on the laptop, dark scratches occur.

Therefore, these scratches might occur to your own laptop if you have any pet nearby. Please keep these away when you are using your laptop.

How Many Ways To Remove Scratches On Laptop Touchpad?

To remove scratches from the laptop touchpad, I’ve brought you many ways. Indeed, you can use these ways to completely remove trashes from your laptop touchpad.

Some of the best ways to remove the scratches from the touchpads are given as follows.

  • You can use some Home Remedies to remove scratches from the laptop.
  • Some chemical methods or remedies may help you remove the scratches from your touchpad.

These methods are explained further in detail if you will take a closer look in the below section. Please, don’t skip reading to find out!

Removing Scratches By Using Homemade Remedies:

You may don’t know it but a lot of home remedies are there to fix this issue of scratches on your brand new or any old laptop’s body or its touchpad.

In homemade remedies, you can try out the following ways to remove scratches from the touchpad of your laptop.

Use Toothpaste To Remove Scratches:

Apply the paste on a soft cloth and gently apply it in a circular motion on the scratched area. Scratches will be less visible.

How To Remove Scratches From Laptop Touchpad

Use Baking Soda To Remove Scratches:

Baking soda is considered beneficial for removing scratches. To use it, add baking soda to water and make a fine paste.

Apply it on the scratches and wipe after 30 seconds. Scratches will become lighter.

Use Citrus To Remove Scratches:

Citrus is considered beneficial for starches. It has to be used carefully on the affected area.

Use Dishwashing Liquid To Remove Scratches:

It is used to reduce light scratches. Apply to the affected area with a microfiber cloth, mixed with water, and then gently wipe with a dry cloth.

Use Stationary Eraser To Remove Scratches:

A stationary eraser is used for a very light line. This may lighten the line but not eliminate it.

How To Remove Scratches From Laptop Touchpad

Use Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Scratches:

Applying alcohol to the scratched area will reduce the scratches. But it cannot be used directly, it should be used with a ratio of 10-15 alcohol and 90-85 water.

Use Nail Polish Remover To Remove Scratches:

Apply the nail polish to the affected area and rub it lightly. And wiping with a cotton bud makes the scratches appear lighter.

How Do You Remove Scratches By The Chemical Remedies?

If your laptop’s touchpad has some dark or heavily existing traces, it might only be removable by using some chemical remedies.

These remedies to remove the scratches from your laptop are also quite famous. Please have a look at what you can do in this regard!

Use Scratch Remover To Remove Scratches:

A Scratch remover provides an easy way to remove any scratches. It’s also known as Magic remover. Apply it to the scratches with a soft cloth in a circular motion.

It can be used up to 5 times in the same place. Scratch remover takes 10 to 15 minutes to do.

Use Plastic Polish To Remove Scratches:

Plastic polish erases scratches easily. Apply to the scratches in a circular motion with a soft cloth. And wipe off when dry.

Plastic polish not only erases scratches but also removes dust. This is how these scratches will be removed.

Use Silicon Spray To Remove Scratches:

You will find different types of silicon spray in the market, choose the best one among them.

Apply it gently on the touchpad of the laptop and wipe off when dry. Along with eliminating scratches, it also makes shiny.

Use Metal Polish To Remove Scratches:  

Metal polish is most favorable on aluminum bodies such as laptops.

Clean the laptop touchpad thoroughly, and apply the metal polish gently on the scratches and after drying, wipe it with a soft cloth.

Use Magic Erasers To Remove Scratches:

Magic erasers works well than paste to remove scratches. Magic eraser metal laptops show a better effect.

Use Silver Pencil To Remove Scratches:

A silver pencil is designed to remove scratches only. The soft end of the pencil is used to remove scratches and the sharp end is used for residual scratches.

Some Tips To Maintain Your Laptop’s Touchpad Scratches Free:

Just in case you want to keep your laptop’s touchpad safe and secured from scratches over a long run, you need to follow the following things and make it possible. Please have a look!

  • Take a soft cloth. Moisten it lightly with isopropyl alcohol. It clean the touchpad very well.
  • Use a protector to protect the touchpad
  • Do not eat any kind of snakes while keeping the laptop in your lap.
  • Do not use the laptop touchpad with long fingernails.
  • Use touchpad stickers. It protects your touchpad.
  • Buy a phone screen guard and cut it to fit the touchpad, apply on it before scratches.
  • Do not put anything in the laptop bag such as charger, keys or similar that could causes scratches.

The Bottom Line:

Lastly, I can feel that after sharing these multiple methods with you, I am sure that you have learned ho to remove scratches from laptop touchpad. That’s something not really hard and difficult to do. So, you can do it by any of the above means. However, if you find yourself at any difficulty, please let me know. Because I am here to provide you with the necessary information and answers to your most relevant queries.

But thanks for being here. Have a nice day!


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