Are Gaming Laptops Good For Video Editing

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Video Editing? | Yes, Or No!

Gaming laptops have a huge wide range, and they come in all different ranges. You can perform several duties despite just playing games on them. This thing happens when you want to perform several duties on your laptop. Concerning this, I can understand your problems if you want to use your laptop for video editing. May you be looking for the answer to the question, including are gaming laptops good for video editing or not? Yes, that’s the point of you being here on this post, and I can make sure that you get whatever you are looking for.

Please have a stay, and we will figure out are gaming laptops good for video editing or not. Let’s get this conversation started and figure out what we are talking on!

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Are Gaming Laptops Really Good For Video Editing?

On the final notes, gaming laptops are all good for video editing. They got specs to perform several duties like that.

There is no big deal if you want to perform video editing, creation, or more. A gaming laptop stands best for holding onto everything you are desired to perform on the go.

Therefore, stick to the point that gaming laptops can be used for video editing. However, still, there are certain factors to remember when choosing a gaming laptop as a video editor so that he can match the range, the capacity, and the power to do this job perfectly.

In this case, be here, and let’s figure out when and when not a gaming laptop can be best for video editing and when not. Let’s figure this out by working on different factors.

When Can You Use A Gaming Laptop For Video Editing?

There are certain things that make a gaming laptop good for you when it comes to editing your most desired pieces.

Yes, that happens periodically, and it all depends on what type of hardware your gaming machine has.

In this case, please make sure that you have a gaming laptop with certain hardware. Please take a look!

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Video Editing


When it comes to running rendering games, GPU and CPU matter a lot. Not just games, but whenever you need to perform certain duties regarding video editing, they also matter a lot.

I won’t go for giving you any benchmark for these things.

But still, you will have to make sure that certain video editing apps would like to take power from that powerful GPU of your laptop and some from the CPU.

Therefore, in this regard, these both must be up to date and have strong powers to make things work better for you.

One more important factor to consider in the range of CPU and GPU is that the files you will edit on the video side will vary according to their bit rates, resolutions, and codecs.

Moreover, you should also be conscious of deepening the desire of a certain video editing app to choose for doing stuff as different of them works differently on certain specifications.


RAM is also very important in doing things on time. If you don’t find your editing or video-creating applications working in full mode, you need to know how much RAM you have in your system.

If you find it a little less in this regard, be sure that you need to increase it so that things can work in your favor perfectly.

Be sure that RAM matters a lot in processing data fastly and running applications at full speed. That’s the fact you will have to understand because, without a good RAM, your gaming laptop will not be able to perform either editing or gaming.

So, RAM is important, and its benchmark is that the more it is with quantity, the better it will work.

Compatibility With Video Editing Software:

Make sure that you have all the drivers related to video editing installed on your device so that you can easily run on your gaming laptop.

For this, let’s take an example if you are running DaVinci Resolve software. It usually takes power from the GPU of your machine.

On the other hand, if you are running the software, Adobe Premiere may benefit from the CPU.

So, depending on these things, your laptop must be compatible and work just like you desire it to. Therefore, your laptop must be strong and rigid enough to take everything on it.

Screen Matters A Lot:

Just keep this thing in your mind that a laptop or a gaming laptop screen matters a lot when you need to edit some of the finest pieces.

Yes, that’s the huge thing you need to remember if you want to have quality results and editing essentials all on the same platform.

You must remember that a screen is always a key factor whenever you are going to select your gaming laptop as your video editing one.

It’s a fact to know that a screen with better quality will always make things easier for you while performing certain video editing duties on it.

However, there is also a chance that if you have connected an external monitor with your laptop, it will become less important as you will get all the results on the monitor.

There are different screens that are inbuilt these days with gaming laptops. You can get HD, FHD, UHD, and even retina displays for specific tasks and duties.

On the other hand, you will also find the LED and OLED displays for laptops having more refresh rates and FPS. These work flawlessly and provide you the streamline performance for making things better.

However, you may find a gaming laptop with an increased price when it has an excellent display screen.

But it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a budgeted piece to edit your videos on a gaming laptop.

Moreover, you should always check the specs like color gamut, brightness, accuracy, and other specific reviews for the screen panels when you are about to get a gaming laptop for video editing.

What Specifications Do You Need For A Gaming Laptop To Run Video Editing?

If you think or want to make sure in need of specifications, you should know the following you are the benchmarks for a gaming laptop.

These specifications are required to perform the job. Suppose you have these inside your gaming laptop. In that case, nobody can stop you from using it as a giant machine for video editing. Have a look, please:

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Video Editing

Process With Cores And Threads:

It doesn’t matter whatever the generation it is, just go with the Intel Core i7 processor that must have at least 4 cores with 8 unique threads.

This results in the better your laptop is with the clock frequency, the more it will be faster on the encoding and processing tasks.

Required RAM For Working:

Get DDR4 Or DDR3 ram with the capacity of 8 to 16GB of ram following the generation of your CPU. It will let your laptop hold the heavy load without any problems.

GPU For Working On Video Editing:

For faster video editing and creating processing, you should have at least 4GB of the dedicated graphics card.

What if you pick this up from the NVIDIA, and this will be your finest selection as it will lead you towards the bulk performance and on-the-go performance-based tasks.

This will work flawlessly for all those editing software designed and programmed so that these should take advantage of the GPU.

However, just assume that if you are to put your limits on the normal editing scheme, your field of consideration on the temperature, battery life or fan noise, etc. Also, the quality of the display matters, as specified earlier.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, I am pretty sure that the article has helped you in developing your understanding of are gaming laptops good for video editing. This is indeed true that a gaming laptop can be used for that. However, it doesn’t always have to be a gaming laptop used for video editing. But the thing is, it must meet some required specs so that it can run all those heavy-duty editing software. Therefore, that’s the problem you might face when it comes to using a laptop for video editing. I hope I have made certain things which would be helpful.

Moreover, don’t forget to share it with the public you need. Thanks for spending time and reading. Take good care of yourself, and have a pretty good day to you!

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