How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One VGA Port

How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One VGA Port

How to connect two monitors to one computer with one VGA port? Finding ways to extend desktop screens by connecting them is advantageous, as many smart individuals are aware. While some opt to purchase one of the LCD monitor extenders on the market, others are happy to purchase a cable with a splitter already attached to its end.

In any case, you should be able to complete this task by connecting two monitors to a single computer utilizing a single VGA connection and two distinct displays. The process is straightforward; therefore, only a basic understanding of computers and programming languages is necessary to do this task. You’ll need a few minutes and access to a simple computer setup to get started.

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When is it important to connect Two Monitors to one computer With One VGA Port?

You could find it necessary to connect a second monitor to your computer in various situations. Multiple monitors may be necessary for those who work in sectors like stock trading, programming, or gaming.

Even for frequent users like us, having access to a second monitor can be helpful. Imagine having the ability to send emails while performing a productive task, such as working on a spreadsheet, listening to music, or watching movies on one screen.

How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One VGA Port
How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One VGA Port

Setting Up Extended Desktop With Only One VGA Output From The Computer:

Attaching an extended desktop to a VGA port is as follows.

KVM Switch:

Because they enable them to connect to and manage many workstations using just a single keyboard, video display, and mouse, KVM switches are frequently used by administrators. With the help of this device, you can connect several monitors to the VGA port of a single computer.

How does KVM Works?

It operates by merely switching between the KVM-connected hardware. It will allow you to utilize a single display for two or even more PCs!

This product requires minimal assembly. You merely need to connect your computer to the KVM equipment to comply with the criteria. After that, attach your display to the two devices.

Next, click a button or utilize a set of hotkeys to switch between each computer. It is a fantastic solution for you if you need to use a single display to access several computers throughout your home or place of work.

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Splitter Cable:

The simplest way to connect two monitors to one computer is by using a splitter cable. It has one male VGA connector for connecting to the computer and two female connectors for attaching to your monitors.

If you want to connect two monitors using a splitter connection, it is essential to remember that both displays must be of the same model and manufacturer. Different models and displays won’t work together because they have different pin configurations.

To use this method successfully, you’ll need a Y-cable or a VGA splitter cable to connect the computer to both screens.

Video Cards:

Video cards are preferable to splitters because they can’t connect two monitors to a single computer without degrading the video quality.

One DVI port and one VGA port are the only ports that even the most basic video cards have. If your display is VGA and DVI compatible, you should connect the DVI cable from your monitor to the video card’s DVI port. VGA lines can be used to transport video signals.

The “out” display port of a VGA splitter should receive one end of a VGA cable, and the video card’s VGA port should receive the other end from your VGA monitor.

The “in” connector on the splitter should be attached to one end of a second VGA cable, which should then be connected to the VGA input on your primary monitor. If you have two monitors but only one supports DVI, you can use a DVI-to-VGA converter to connect the other display to the DVI-capable monitor.

How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One VGA Port
How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One VGA Port

USB To VGA Adapter:

Even though your computer only has one VGA connection, you can connect extra monitors to it by utilizing a converter that goes from USB to VGA. The display operates like other plug-and-play displays. The connector will enable you to expand the desktop to the second monitor.

Most electronic retailers sell USB-to-VGA converters that they always have on hand. Look for a remark like that if you want to get an adapter that can provide your PC with greater possibilities.

After that, you’ll be able to extend your desktop onto the extra monitor and move windows across displays.

The adapter may also include software that lets you further customize your displays, such as independently rotating them or altering their resolution.

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What Consequences When Connecting Two Monitors to a Single Computer Through a VGA port?

Every successive display reduces the color accuracy of every monitor in the series. When splitters are employed, the signal quality transmitted to each display is degraded.

You’ll notice that your performance is significantly worse when you play games. A weak graphics card might not be able to support the full resolution and framerate of both screens simultaneously.

What you can accomplish is limited by the VGA ports’ bandwidth.

Even though the monitor supports a high resolution, you might not be able to utilize all of your current high-definition display features when connected via VGA. The analog VGA standard degrades when sent over greater distances.


How many different monitors can be connected to a computer’s VGA port simultaneously?

Since there is only enough space for one VGA connector, a computer can only support one monitor connection at a time. Extra displays can be connected using a variety of interfaces, including DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI, among others.

Why are VGA signal splitters preferable to other cables?

A VGA splitter connector can send a video signal from a single source device to two or more screens. This gadget ensures all monitors display the same content. As a result, using two monitors will be permitted.

Can I expand my desktop using my HDMI splitter?

The answer to this query is unquestionable yes. By utilizing an HDMI splitter, you can lengthen your desktop. Simply put, HDMI splitters are distribution amplifiers allowing you to simultaneously display the same image on many TVs. As a result, it is feasible to use these devices to show the same video or image concurrently on several televisions, projectors, or computer monitors.

What distinguishes an HDMI splitter from a switch?

An HDMI switch can connect many HDMI sources to a single HDMI input. It is beneficial when your display has only a few connections and needs to connect more devices than inputs available. Consider the scenario where you wish to connect a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and cable box, but your monitor only has two HDMI connectors.

The analog of an HDMI splitter is a switch. A device called an HDMI splitter separates a single HDMI input signal into two or more different HDMI output streams. Use this if you need to transfer the same signal from a source device to two monitors over a long distance or if you wish to split a single HDMI source among numerous screens.

What are the steps for extending the display using an HDMI splitter?

After shutting down your computer and unplugging the HDMI wire from the graphics card, you must connect the two ends of the HDMI cable to the “IN” side of the HDMI splitter.

At this stage, attach one of the “OUT” connections on your HDMI splitter to each screen. Verify that both screens are on before moving on. It needs to be finished before moving on to the next step.

Connect your HDMI splitter to a power source using the USB port or the AC adapter (if it has one).


Expanding your desktop to handle several monitors is simple if you have the correct hardware. Configuring the computer’s external components is not too difficult, whether you use a Mac or a PC. 

You only need a VGA adapter, which practically all modern PCs and displays come with. Using the methods above, adding the additional monitor will be simple.

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