Can You Use Laptop As A Monitor For Switch

Can You Use Laptop As A Monitor For Switch? | Things To Know!

If you have made yourself reaching this post, you probably have a better idea of what a Nintendo Switch is and for what purpose it is used. Those hardcore gamers and PC enthusiasts know more about it because they often play several games on a daily basis while connecting their gaming console with bigger screen options such as tv by using this Nintendo Switch. But what if you come up with a different idea of using your laptop as a monitor for it? You might be desirous to find the exact answer on can you use the laptop as a monitor for the switch. And if you have any feelings to perform an activity like this, you are most welcome to know everything about it.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the proper connectivity of a Nintendo switch with your laptop and a couple of other relative things as well. Please have a look!

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So, Can You Really Use A Laptop As A Monitor For Nintendo Switch?

On all notes, this question deserves a YES answer. Because this gaming console not only provide the opportunity to watch or play those desired games on the console itself.

But it also offers the opportunity to give you more advantages on connecting this switch with the bigger screen options. This includes your Laptop Monitor as well.

So, for using your laptop as a monitor with this Nintendo Switch, there are two methods you can follow very precisely. Let’s take a closer look at both of them one by one and ensure how things work here.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop With HDMI?

Using HDMI connectivity to display all the content of games or whatever you are going to do on your Nintendo Switch on your laptop is a way easier procedure than any other out there.

For this, you can easily connect that Nintendo Switch with the laptop and display your desired content over there.

However, to make this process possible, your laptop should have a HDMI input port connectivity options.

Usually laptop’s come with HDMI output ports. But you need to determine the difference between these two and find which one your laptop has.

However, follow the complete steps below in order to make a successful connection of your Nintendo Switch With the laptop.

How To Connect Switch To PC Using HDMI-Step By Step Process!

As stated earlier, your laptop must have an Input HDMI port to make these things work for you. You can know the difference between HDMI input Port and HDMI Output port of your laptops here. If you will understand this, you are good to go for the next things to perform in order.

Suppose you have got your laptop with an HDMI input port. Now you might be thinking what to do next? Pretty simple!

Step 1: Buy An HDMI Cable:

Take a high quality HDMI cable first. Ensure if you have made a qualitative purchase and your HDMI cable must work properly.

Step 2: Locate HDMI Port On Your Nintendo Switch?

You can find couple of ports on your Nintendo Gaming console that all makes different types of connectivity possible.

However, you need to find an HDMI port which will be present either on the front side of the switch. Or on the backside of the switch. Once located, go to the next step.

Step 3: Put HDMI Cable Into Exact Locations:

To connect your switch with laptop monitor, take the HDMI cable and put its one end into the Switch HDMI port.

And the other end into the Laptop’s HDMI Input Port. You will see that after couple of seconds, you can have the display of your gaming console on your desktop window.

Can You Use Laptop As A Monitor For Switch

So, this is all you have to do in order to connect the Nintendo Switch With your laptop. How simple is that, right?

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To The Laptop Using A Capture Card?

Using first method is easier if you are lucky enough to get your desired HDMI input port with your laptop.

However, it can be seen that laptops with this type of connectivity are very rare in the market.

So, it might be possible for you to get one like this. But don’t worry if you be able to manage HDMI connectivity with your Nintendo Switch.

You can use thus Capture Card alternative. In the below section, I will discuss all the steps describing an easy connectivity of the Switch with laptop using a gaming capture card. Please keep reading and take a closer look!

How To Connect Switch To Pc Using A Capture Card-Step By Step Process

For an easy selection of which type of capture card is best for this process, you can use the Elgato HD60 HDMI capture card that would be best for you.

Once you have got this masterpiece, you can follow the following steps to do things in order.

Step 1: Disconnecting The Switch From Tv:

Before you start, you need to ensure that your Nintendo Switch must not be connected with any device.

In case it is connected with tv, disconnect that HDMI cable with the TV and separate both from each other.

Step 2: Putting The HDMI Cable Of Switch Into HD60 HDMI Capture Card:

Now, take that HDMI cable of the Nintendo Switch you have and plug it inside the HDMI In Port of capture card you have chosen.

Though it would be a little power-consuming process. So, ensure to put your laptop as well as the switch both on an external power source.

Step 3: Take A Look At Your Laptop Now:

In this step, you will have the software installed that will help you use that Capture Card. Open this card menu on your device and take a closer look.

Step 4: Turn On The Nintendo Switch:

Now if you have opened the above window, you need to click on the Power Button Or Home Button Present on your Nintendo Switch. Click on It and turn on your masterpiece.

After that, also connect the USB cable given with this HD 60 Capture card with the Switch and your laptop. Ensure the proper connectivity and see if everything is working just fine.

Step 5: Ta-Da Your Screen Is Ready:

After making the above connectivity, you will see that your Card window will have the programs appearing from the Switch.

It means the Switch has been connected successfully and you are ready to stream that Nintendo switch on your laptop window.

A Tip For The User: In any case Elgato’s Game Capture HD software is unable to find or detect the Nintendo Switch on the laptop, relax and find the solution.

This solution would be putting the HDMI cable into the Capture’s Card Input Port.

Not inside the Out Put Port. Moreover, this should be on the same side as the USB cable is.

Besides this, one must be very careful at not touching the keyboard or the mouse. Because once this connection has been successful, the Switch Screen will start expanding on your laptop screen.

Plus, you will have the Switch Footage that would take only seconds to fill the entire screen by itself.

Now, it is the time for you to play your games on the laptop you have that would be something similar to use this switch on TV.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Windows 10?

There is nothing particular to understand about windows 10 involvement for connecting the Switch with laptop.

Because an operating system just have to perform its duty. All you have to do is to use these external or hardware options for connectivity of the switch to the laptop.

However, if you get stuck at any point, it means either your switch has a problem, or your laptop, the cable could be malfunctioning or your Capture Card Might be defective. So, just in case, you can use any operating system to make things happen accordingly.

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch Without Capture Card?

Sorry but this option is not available yet. Because either you can connect a switch to the laptop by using an HDMI cable connectivity.

Or you can go for a capture card itself. But without these, you might forget to perform an activity like this on your laptop by using that Nintendo Switch.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop With Bluetooth?

For this, you can only connect your Nintendo Switch To the laptop using Bluetooth feature for the sake of Audio Output.

But if you are expecting to see the image as well, then this is not the process for you. Follow the steps below in order to make an audio connectivity by using this switch.

  • First, you need to pair that Audio Device with your Switch by turning on the Bluetooth on both sides.
  • For this, turn on the Bluetooth on your PC and look for the available devices to make a connectivity there.
  • Now, you can find the Switch in that list and finally, the switch will be connected with the Laptop for audio purposes. It is simple and easy to follow.

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Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I hope that the article would be quite helpful in answering your question about Can You Use Laptop As A Monitor For Switch. Follow the techniques described above and make that connectivity possible. However, if you have any confusions or doubts, you are most welcome to pass your queries to me through the inbox. I would be looking forward to it. But all in all, thanks for reading and paying attention. Take good care of yourself and have a nice day!

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